Voicey. Influencer marketing as it should be.
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A self-service influencer
marketing platform

Get organized and stay creative. We are changing the way brands and content creators collaborate, through great product and design.

Voicey for Business

For Business

A web-based platform, giving you all the tools you need in order to set-up and manage a successful campaign.

Voicey for Influencers

For Influencers

A free mobile app that assists you every step of the way. From receiving deals to getting paid and everything in between.

Voicey for Influencers
For Business
Voicey for Influencers
For Influencers

Bridging the gap

Two separate platforms that work together in perfect harmony. Ensuring a fast and efficient communication throughout the process.


Find your future ambassadors, set up projects, send out tasks and truly collaborate. A true end-to-end experience.

Made for Instagram


Kind of like a personal assistant, we are helping you in a lot of different ways. Check it out!


We are a platform, not an agency
We are a platform,
not an agency

Voicey is here to streamline communication between the two, through product. We take no part in creative execution or tailoring the right influencers to your business. For that, we partnered up with a top-notch agency.

The power of word of mouth

What influencer marketing can do for you


Raise Brand Awareness

This is where your audience exists, on social media. Influencers are highly skilled at delivering your brand’s message in a natural way, convincing their user base.


Boost Brand Engagement

92% of the people trust recommendations from other people more than they trust brand advertisements. You need influencers for social engagement.


Increase Sales

74% of consumers refer to social media before making a purchase decision. So either directly or indirectly, influencers boost sales.


Identify Your Customers

((re)define your audience by exploring what works best. Influencers really give you a chance to better identify with your audience through their affinity with them.


Boost Your SEO

Whether they are back linking or simply increasing curiosity through their following, both will improve your SEO ranking.

You are in good hands

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