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Een communicatiebureau dat gespecialiseerd is in millennials en influencers. Waarom en hoe zijn we een partnership aangegaan? Lees hieronder meer.

The Partnership

Since the beginning, we’ve set out to be on a mission to be the best online influencer platform out there.
“The best platform, not an agency.”
That being said, influencer marketing is still relatively new and businesses often ask us for strategic input and consultancy concerning how to best implement influencer marketing into their marketing mix. As a result, we have teamed up with Kult&Ace.

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This partnership goes beyond assisting you as a business though. From the outside that is all you will see for now, but behind the scenes Kult&Ace will also help make our platform “agency proof”.
They will have exclusive access to our platform as an agency, in return for valuable input on their end. This keeps both of us on our toes. You know what they say; Teamwork makes the dream work ;)

So what is Voicey x Kult&Ace in a nutshell?

  • Receiving market insights for product optimisation
  • Collaborating in providing a full service experience
  • Agency role concepting (future add-on)
  • The best of both worlds. Tech x Marketing Expertise.

Kult&Ace specializes in helping businesses identify their target groups while looking for the best strategies that resonate with these people. They’re experts in the field of millennials, young urbanite tastemakers and influencers.

For instance, they help busineses with identifying target groups while looking for the best strategies that resonate with these people.

“We are a Millennial consultancy, and we know that this generation is fragmented into many separate groups. Okay, we admit that Millennials share some commonalities. For starters, they were all born between 1980 and 2000. And as the last generation of the 20th century, they are one hell of an important group. Millennials are the ones that make the rules, set the trends and have the means to back them up. They are a critical group, with fast-changing preferences that are influenced by (sub)trends and hypes.”

Melanie Bosveld , Founder & managing director

And we can totally vouch for that. Their work shows a wide variety of creative strategies that resonates perfectly with how Voicey sees the modern world of marketing.

Make sure to check out their portfolio to get a feel of what we’re trying to explain in words.

Kult&Ace Glyph
Kult&Ace Glyph